Temperamentally sound
Health tested parents
Home raised
Well socialized
Ross (age 8) with 2
week old puppy
Dennis (age 10) with 5 week old
puppy right after a meal (dirty puppy!!)
Falkore Rottweilers/ Rottweiler Puppies
you to educate yourself on the difference between a puppymill,
backyard breeder and PRESERVATION BREEDER.  Never buy
a puppy from anyone except a responsible (preservation)
breeder- in the end, you would be sorry.

Obviously I am not against breeding, but I am against breeding
simply to put more dogs on the planet.  I am against breeding
simply to make money (any responsible breeder, doing
everything right, is NOT making a ton of money - some don't
even break even on many litters), and I am against breeding
just for the sake of breeding.

As an Animal Behaviorist I run into dogs everyday who should
never have been bred- they have genetic health issues or are
too aggressive to be in our community.  The breeder didn't care
what the next generation would be, just as long as they got
paid.  I breed dogs to better the next generation.  I believe that
there are good people out there who want a puppy and deserve
a healthy, temperamentally sound, member of their family.

Our Rottweiler puppies are born in our bedroom- where
people are allowed to come visit them from day one.  At
4 weeks old they are moved to the first floor of the
house where there is more activity and people continue
to come to visit them everyday.  They are handled,
hugged, kissed, and played with.   I want social,
friendly,  confident puppies who grow up to be social,
friendly, confident dogs.
When the puppies move to the first floor, they meet all of
the adult dogs in the house and our cats.
Puppies are started on clicker training between 4-5
weeks of age, are crate trained at 8 weeks, and almost
housebroken when they go home at 10 weeks.
Puppies start going on 'field trips' at 5/6 weeks of age.
They take short, happy trips to nursing homes, schools
and weather permitting, they are taken swimming.
I only breed what should be bred.  Please visit each of
our Rottweilers on their page.  You will find that our
dogs are proven to be what I say they are.  They are
sweet, loving, structurally correct, healthy,
temperamentally sound, and smart.  I would not breed
anything less.
Our dogs are OFA'd and CERF'd beyond what the
American Rottweiler Club suggests.
We are members of the American Rottweiler club and
adhere to their Mandatory Practices
We are an AKC Breeder of Merit.  The Breeder of Merit
Program honors breeder/exhibitors' dedication and
hard work as they continue to produce dogs that are
healthy, capable, and beautiful.
Has a history of at least 5 years involvement with
AKC events.
Earned at least 4 Conformation, Performance or
Companion event titles on dogs they bred/co-
Member of an AKC club.
Certifies that applicable health screens are
performed on the sire and dam as
recommended by the Parent Club.
Demonstrates a commitment to ensuring 100%
of the puppies produced are AKC registered.
Our dogs/puppies are raised on raw meat and bones.  
We believe this is what dogs were made to eat and
thrive on.  For more information on raw feeding please
We rarely breed our dogs.  Our girls may be bred 2
times in their lives.  This is for the health of my girls,
and to not overpopulate the Rottweiler breed.
We do not sell puppies without a contract.  This is to
ensure that both you and I understand what is expected
throughout your puppy's life.
I ALWAYS take my puppies back.  If for whatever reason
you decide that you can no longer care for the life that I
put on this planet- I WANT my puppy back.  I never want
one of my puppies in a shelter or rescue, in a research
facility, or in a home that I didn't approve.  (Please,
NEVER buy a puppy from a breeder who won't take their
puppy back at any age- that is not a responsible
You must fill out a Puppy Application.  I need to know
about you, your family, and your lifestyle to ensure that
you would be happy with a Rottweiler puppy, and if so,
which puppy would best fit you.
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