• In-home consultations for behavior problems
  • I will come out to your home and teach you how to
    teach your dog.  Behavior problems are usually not
    fixed in one training session, therefore you need to
    know what to do when the problem arises and I am
    not there!
  • I do not require you to sign up for any number of
    visits or sessions- there are no contracts for you to
    fulfill.  Every dog, as every person, is an individual-
    there is no way for me to know how many times I will
    need to visit with you to fix any particular problem.  
    Every person teaches a bit different, and every dog
    has his own individual learning curve.  Most behavior
    problems take one visit for me to give you enough
    information for you to work with- but I am ALWAYS
    available on the phone or to come do a follow up
  • My fee for an in-home consultation is $100/hour and
    most appointments are an hour and a half.
  • There is an additional flat fee for in-home
    consultations outside of the Columbus area

  • Dog Aggression Socialization
  • I have a play-group that meets 2 days per week that
    allows for dogs that have trouble being around other
    dogs to socialize and learn how to 'be a dog.'  This
    requires an in-home consultation for you to learn
    how to handle your dog when you see other dogs,
    and an assessment of your dog with other dogs.
    (This is a drop off, doggie daycare-like setting, not a

    I have been teaching obedience since 1995- there is
    something to be said for all of those years of hands on
  • In-home private obedience lessons
    I will come out to your home and teach any or all of
    the basic the obedience commands: sit, down, stay,
    come, heel, and leave it.   Although private lessons
    are convenient, they do not teach your dog to learn in
    new environments, or with the distractions that a
    group class has to offer.  I usually recommend that if
    you choose private lessons, that you take a group
    class in addition.
  • Puppy Class
  • You will learn how to raise the perfect puppy.  
    This class not only focus's on basic puppy
    obedience, but socialization, and all the skills
    your puppy needs to live in a human world.  
    Click here to sign up.
  • Basic Beginner
  • I teach the basic obedience commands: sit,
    down, stay, heel, come, and leave it.  I do not
    use choke collars, pinch collars, shock
    collars or heavy corrections.  You are there to
    TEACH your dog, not force him!  ALL dogs
    can learn without the use of pain as a
    motivator.  Click here to sign up
  • Heel
  • Heel is one of the hardest things that you will
    ever teach your dog.  You are asking him to
    ignore the world around him and walk at your
    side on a loose leash.  For this reason, I
    have made this skill a class of it's own.
    It is recommended that you take the Basic
    Beginner Class before this, but it is not
    mandatory.  I do ask that your dog have a
    solid sit/stay and down/stay before entering
    this class (meaning that your dog can do a 5
    minute sit or down stay, with various
    distractions going on, with you across the
  • Advanced Beginner  
  • This class refines what you have learned in
    the Basic Beginner class and the Heel class,
    putting it all together, and making for a well
    mannered dog.  At the end of each session I
    will offer the  AKC's Canine Good Citizen test
    at no extra charge.
  • Novice Competition
  • This class is geared for those considering
    competition obedience or just want that extra
    precision.  This class works on the skills
    needed for a Novice Obedience title- heel on
    leash and figure 8, stand for exam, heel off
    leash, recall, 1 minute sit/stay, and a 3
    minute down/stay.
  • Open
  • This class works on the skills needed for an
    Open Obedience title- off leash heel and
    figure 8, down on recall, retrieve on flat,
    retrieve over the high jump, broad jump, 3
    minute sit/stay with you out of sight, and a 5
    minute down/stay with you out of sight.
  • Email for availability of this class
  • Utility
  • This class works on the skills needed for a
    Utility Obedience title- hand signals, scent
    discrimination, directed retrieve, moving
    stand for exam, and directed Jumping.
  • Email for availability of this class
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