Elissa O'Sullivan
Background & Accomplishments

  • Vocational Agricultural Degree, with a specialization in
    Animal Science, from John Bowne High School.  
    Queens, NY
  • Graduate of the New York School of Dog Grooming.  
    Queens, NY
  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Production from Texas
    Tech University.  Lubbock, TX
  • Private practice Animal Behaviorist since 1993.
  • Obedience instructor since 1995.
  • Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen and STAR Puppy
  • Therapy Dog Evaluator for Capital Area Humane
    Society’s Capital Canine Connection program (2006-
  • I have owned and/or trained many of the wonderful
    Therapy Dogs who visit at Columbus’s Children’s
  • I have trained many dogs who have gone on to be top
    obedience dogs in the country.  Some of these dogs
    have appeared in various print and television
  • I am the recommended Behaviorist for many rescue

Community Involvement

Volunteer/Foster Home (1997-Present)
I offer my professional services to any homeless animal in
need, free of charge.  I also help with the transportation of
homeless animals across the country to get them to their
forever homes.  I almost always have a foster dog of my own-
these are usually dogs that someone deemed unadoptable
and is need of behavior modification.

Kids ‘n’ Canines, Master Trainer (2004-2010)
A non-profit program where shelter dogs were trained by
students at
The Rosemont Center.  The dogs become more
adoptable and in turn, the dogs provide animal assisted
therapy to the students.

Westerville North High School, Canine Companion
Volunteer (2010-Present)
Through the schools' North Pointe Program, my dogs and I
work with a class of students, identified by the school as
having behavioral needs, helping them improve and excel in
areas such as developmental assets, character development
and academics.

CHA Animal Shelter, Behavior Assessments and
Rehabilitation Program (2003-2011)
Pets Without Parents, Behavior Assessments and
Rehabilitation Program (1999-Present)
Living in an animal shelter can be very stressful, no matter
how wonderful the facility is.  I volunteer my time by assessing
the behavior of the dogs and cats living shelter life.  I make
recommendations to assure the optimum mental well being  
of the shelter animals.

For those animals who show signs of stress, or their
behaviors make them unadoptable, I direct the volunteers in
behavior modification programs.  These animals are
rehabilitated, reassessed, and then adopted to loving homes.
Elissa O'Sullivan