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Animal Behaviorist? Trainer?
What's the difference?

As an Animal Behaviorist, I look to find the root of your
pet's problem.  I believe that if you can fix the cause, you
will fix the symptoms.  A trainer will fix the symptoms, but
your pet will still have the same underlying problems.  
For instance, a trainer may teach your dog not to bark at
strangers.  He will use basic obedience to help you
manage your dog- he may teach your dog to watch you,
or not to look at strangers.  I will look at WHY your dog
barks at strangers and teach your dog to love strangers,
therefore he will stop barking at them.  A dog trainer
teaches you to manage the problem, I help you teach
your dog not to have the problem anymore.  The same
goes for cats- if we could figure out why your cat won't
use his litter-box, then we can figure out what needs to
change to get him to use the litter-box again.
Elissa O'Sullivan
Elissa O'Sullivan,
Animal Behaviorist